Mary Poppins arrived 31/3 at Chiverton Farm, my home till November.

This is a little bit of Cornish heaven. I felt rather disorientated as the roads wind around and the tall hedges crowd you till you rise above and get the magic patchwork view of fields often overlooking the ocean.

Im getting used to the parking sensors beeping when one drives around some corners. One car roads with two way traffic doesn’t quite fit, so plenty of reversing practice.

I venture out more and more. Out walking with Flint, the almost blind border collie, who helps me find my way.

He knows which way he usually goes and stands fast if I make a wrong turn! In return he needs support when there is a noise or traffic till he knows he is safe. I’m surprised he manages the stone grids between paddocks as well as he does.

Sometimes the wild Dartmoor ponies are on the moor. Wild ponies that like a pat!

Years ago Mum spoke of Lands End and my childhood subconscious remembers it as the end of the earth! Well that’s not far from the truth. I cautiously walked across to the ocean incase I fell over the edge of the earth! The sign even reads ‘dangerous cliff’ 😳

The site consists of an unappealing building set in a hundred acres of land with an expensive car park.

I’m enrolled at the local GP clinic and soon received a referral to the eye clinic.

Mail piles up now I’m British. They want a Bowel screen test, mammogram and eye injections. 25/4 was my initial assessment and they treated me without hesitation. I’m on the 3 month plan with monthly injections.

My morning routine at Chiverton Farm when Margaret is away is out to feed the horses and muck out their stables. All manure from the paddocks needs collecting too as the paddocks are only small. Then I’ll take Flint for a walk. When Margaret is home she does not expect me to attend to the horses or dog care but I still help most days and we often ride out along the narrow roads and over the moors and through the woods at times. The horses are over 16.2 so need a mounting block to get on!

My new 1963 Boosey & Hawke clarinet is good to play. It seems easier than before though I’m having a lung blowout getting the higher notes to sound.

I get inspiration from a painting of Louis Armstrong I found.

Google found Meetup when I was looking for rambling groups to join. I joined Exploring Cornwall and Intuitive painting. Weather postponed my first ramble but I’ve really enjoyed the painting on Saturday afternoons. We start with a few minutes of meditation then with a theme in mind we paint however the feeling takes you.

It’s interesting to see what types of things materialise and to discover what different inks and crayons others are using. I’m so new to the various painting mediums that I thought it was all about water or oil paint!

One of our themes was water.

Painting the light on the water is not easy and I’ve got lots to learn

The local gym and pool have a good setup and lots of classes. I’m doing a week trial atm and tai chi, yoga, Pilates and body balance are my favourites. The aqua aerobics was not invigorating enough to keep me warm. However it’s a great pool to swim laps in if you dodge the school bookings.

The local Minack outdoor theatre is famed for great shows in a spectacular setting overlooking the sea. It was started by a woman with vision and has been popular from its beginnings in 1932. Initially with Shakespearean plays on the programme it now varies a lot. I wanted to go yesterday but rain and 60 mph winds were forecast. It was titled Brass meets Rock.

So time has passed and Ive been here for over a month.

My Boosey is sounding better with more in the mouth and a higher chin. All notes are now in my repertoire on most days…

Sunday 5th May I walked 11 miles from Zennor to Cape Cornwall. As it was a linear walk we took the local open top double decker bus to Zennor. I don’t know how it managed the narrow road though the power lines dragged over the roof in one village! One could reach out and touch the buildings in many places.

From Zennor we had spectacular cliff walks with cosy little beaches then old tin mines with engine houses towards Cape Cornwall.

The sun charmed us all day though wind chill remained.

Cape Cornwall shone in the late golden sun.

The last mile was hard back to the car but going via the pub motivated us. We just beat the sunset.

Back home Bobby the cat decided it was a good day to visit. It’s hard to take moving cat selfies. I think he is dreaming.

3 thoughts on “SANCREED CORNWALL

    1. I’m looking forward to the summer with long evenings. Jazz club at St Ives has great reviews and evening walks with the Meetup group are fun.
      How are you? Have you planned most of your trip to Denmark?


      1. Nice. I’m fine, just waiting for our departure day. All our accommodation is booked in Scandinavia and we have hired a car in Denmark.


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