Llanddeusant YHA to Nash Rd. and then Ali & Trevor’s at Orchard Farm.

A very emotional journey. My childhood does not seem that long ago, with the stories mum used to tell us about where she lived as a child still fresh in my mind. Stories about how the gypsies would come in and ask for something they knew was out the back so they could steal food off the counter. Mum was often left to mind the shop while Nana was out. She also had a taxi so was often away.

So that’s why it feels like coming home. I am the child of immigrants. One who lacks the local culture and does not own the parents culture. Does that make me just chocolate coated?

Well I set the GPS to Nash road Newport and found a store nearly on the corner. After speaking to the owners I had the wrong Nash store. This one was not built 92 years ago!

I needed 83 Nash Road!

So I found it.

Nash Store had new owners recently and staff knew little of its history.

The shop attendant said that there is one old man that shops there who has been coming there since he was a child. He knew nothing of his address so that link was truncated. Mum was born in a room upstairs in 1926 and lived there for her childhood years. When mum visited about 30 years ago the owners gave her a tour of the place and she saw the original lemon tree in the back yard.

I took a few photos of the interior of the store.

Looking down Nash Road.

Nash store from Hampshire Avenue.

So my visit was a pilgrimage and it was a special journey.

Onwards I go.

Ali and Trevor are very special friends of Catherine’s. I have met Trevor but not Ali, however I feel like I know her because of the emotional connection Catherine has and the frequent reference she makes to her.

So today I’m heading to their place near Bath. I drive through Bath but no where to stop!

Trevor and Ali have a charming, rambling home on a small holding with children, chicken, sheep and sometimes pigs. The weekend is punctuated by a soccer carnival for the under 11’s. Count me in!

We meet at a pub and enjoy a scrumpy cider at Lock Inn, a canal side pub in Bradford on Avon. Yes it is next to a lock on the canal.

Onto Orchard Farm to have a lovely evening with the whole family.

That’s lots of photos for you Catherine 😘

We rose early to set up the rugby ground. BBQ & rubbish bin placement sorted. Food bought and unloaded for the BBQ’s. This culminated in a hopeful sigh. Have we bought enough?

Home to have a walk with Trevor’s sister and brother in law. Lovely country and chatting while the dogs and kids run loops around us.

A jolly evening as Trevor’s home made scrumpy cider flows.

Next day my journey continues to Sancreed, Cornwall. This is my home for the next 7 months.

The owners, Margaret & Malcolm who chose me from TrustedHousesitters.com are recently retired and want to be able to go away for a week or a day here and there so need someone to keep the two horses and dog in a manner they require. We enjoyed a few chats over the last few months and have a lot in common. I’m feeling confident that it will soon feel like home.

The A30 gets smaller and smaller. Then I turn onto one lane roads where ones parking sensors alarm on some corners!

The hedges are high on both sides so it’s hard to get ones bearings.

Chiverton Farm is home.

My cottage.

Sancreed is a small village with two churches and a post box. The school closed years ago although attendance had become compulsory to age 12.

Margaret at the postbox and Flint waiting patiently. I feel like family.

And Bob is purring waiting for his next slave to pat him.

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