Snowdonia in Wales


I set out into the unknown. A little sadness to leave my Yorkshire family behind.

Stella the dog, Solomon the cat and Harvey thé horse. The sheep were a challenge with their anxiety disorder but I enjoyed snatching a pat at times while they buried their nose in the food bucket.

My lovely neighbour Nora was my partner in crime at the Antique Fair. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Ann and John were wonderful people also but as their house sitter we saw less of them.

I direct the GPS to Chester then through Caerwys where Aunty Ann used to live.

Then onto Wales to Llanberis at the base of Snowdonia mountain.

Thé area is famous for high quality slate. This hillside is looking a bit gaunt.

Thé road winds up through rocky fields to the hostel on the edge of the village.

All for £11 a night.

Above shows the view from the hostel. The mountains are inviting.

A lovely hostel. I shared a room with a nurse and a final year vet student pretending to study the diseases of hormone dysfunction.

Did you notice that an ice axe and crampons are necessary gear? I took chocolate instead.

Night two I meet a few people that I met on top of Snowdonia. They obligingly took my photo on the summit. A drink in the pub and discover they are also staying at the hostel.

The windward exposed areas were hard to stand up in. Even the lakes in the valley were whipped by the wind.

I drive the slow road from Llanberis, Snowdonia to Llandeussant YHA Via Caernarfan castle.

It was noted to be remote but I continued to drive through villiages.

However, the last 10 miles wound through farming paddocks on one lane tracks until I saw a church and a big white cottage. YHA. I had arrived.

No answer at the door so I went next door to see the church and graveyard.

My cider was opened under the barb wire on the fence. I thought Patrick would have an opener somewhere but I did not see it. The church door was open!!!

I hope it is ok to drink in the church. No one to complain.

This was a well used church with hymn books in place.

A pottery display was opportunistic in the foyer.

At 1730 a Range Rover approached.

Maybe that is why I had to specify my arrival time! Peter opened the hostel and informed me I would be on my own. He showed me around and gave me a key.

Wow! That took me back many years when I stayed at the remote Eucumbene Portal hut and met Marcus. I made an awesome vegetable soup but overdid the cayennne pepper…

The fire was soon set and crackling throughout the lounge and kitchen.

There was no question about who was going to cook I guess. Me.

My food box revealed pasta, cheese, mixed herbs, whole grain mustard and black pepper. Delicious.

Leftovers for breakfast.

I wanted to share this with my world but “ No service”. So I embrased thé solitude.

Sheep were lambing in the adjacent fields. Lively bouncy bundles!

Fire wood was ready split so one only had to throw another log on he fire.

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