Ilkley Moor & 12 Apostles

21st March. Ilkley is only a 30 minute drive from Leathley Manor House where I am housesitting.

Special old carvings on rocks attracted me to the Ilkley Moor. I found a face.

Set high above the town there were distant views to moors and farmland.

The ground was dark and springy. Was that peat?

Heather, undergrasses and dry ferns have good cover for grose birds. They are preceded by their clucky call and either stay hiding in the Heather or fly away with whirring wings and a blubbering screech!

Once again the tracks were poorly marked but well formed. I was guided by fellow walkers and my book. I found the 12 Apostles and they formed a special ring on top of the moor.

Then I sniff thé breeze to activate my compass and hope to wander back towards the Cow and Calf pub.

I saw a sturdy stone rest area with a poem letter box. It had a wheel at the side but I forgot to see if I could remove a poem! A red grouse appeared and I was too busy taking photos!!!

Around the corner and down the hill I see the Cow and Calf.

At 1630 I’m still in time for a late lunch and it was delicious.

Spare ribs on a fresh salsa with mango, tomato, beans and more.

A really nice day all around.

Now time to drive home intime to check that the chicken had roosted in their house before the auto door closed on them.

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