York and local hiking 5-10th March

Wednesday 5/3

Yorkminster here we come!

We drive into the walled city, then a scenic walk through the streets to the cathedral.


Can you see all the different heads carved in the stone?

Then onto the Museum. interesting burial style. Roof tile inspired.

These life sized statues have been found. One was even used as footings on a bridge.

Pop in on a boutique distiller. Amazing bottles. Three that fit into the size of one with recessed places for the necks.

A barley wine at the Dodger Bar.

Saturday 9/3

Patrick heads home to Melbourne. He was great company even if he beat me at canasta a few times.

Wharfedale viaduct was worth a visit. Very graceful in the distance and enormous close up.

Hiking in my local area at Lindley Wood reservoir. Snow and strong winds roared through the tree tops. Tracks everywhere but which way???

Needed google maps to help out a few times. The tracks wind around so one loses ones bearings.

Then I walked around the narrow lanes with the wind pushing me along.

It was great to find the car. Snow on the windscreen! Off to the pub for Sunday roast. Wow it was good!

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