Hackfall Wood & Pheasant dinner

Harrogate & Hackfall Wood.

Walking boots on and we go driving to Harrogate Bath House and the Yorkshire dales.

Lovely old stone buildings and big hotels at Harrogate. The baths were interesting but underwhelming. We walked up to the park and enjoyed the crocus bulbs on mass.

On the road again we drive to Hackfall Wood hoping to walk among some trees. Perfect. A series of ruins and follies keep us walking up and down dale.


Day at home. Me sneezing and Patrick improving.

But I managed to cook an amazing pheasant breast with raspberry and baked apple sauce. Baked parsnip and pumpkin, caramelised onion and garlic, on a bed of mashed cream potato. Side of sprouts and broccoli.

There was a trick to tender pheasant. Cooked in an oven bag with a punnet of fresh raspberries, oregano and a few crushed juniper berries at 65C for one hour then into a hot butter pan for 60seconds on one side.

Bon appetite!

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