Leatherly, Nth Yorkshire

Leathley, North Yorkshire. Our first house sit.

Waking to the birds and boards.

Squeaky floor boards announce that Patrick is up.

My door is open. He brings in a big cup that I thought was tea!

Stella’s cup and she wants breakfast! Key required from my pocket.

Solomon and Stella fed.

Then I hear a tune on the ivories. The grand piano is at thé bottom of the stairs so music wafts up.

Now I’m thinking of the bread we bought at the local baker. Time to get up!

Yes breakfast was good.

Now down to the paddock to do the morning chores.

Harvey the horse of 26 years.

6 Hebrides sheep and

5 chicken fed.

A drive to Shipley for an Indian restaurant. Disappointed.

Bathed in lovely stone villages every way you turn. Guess that’s the way it is.

Somehow we end up in a pub. They are really such nice places.

Paperwork issues continue.

Proving I live here is tricky. Need it for car insurance, bank account and driving license. It will happen.

Thinking of pheasant for dinner. We have some in the freezer that we’ve been invited to eat.

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