Stirling to Campbelltown

Wednesday 20/2

We left Stirling for Campbelltown. A short drive or so we thought. 1-2 hours was really 4 hours.

Scottish mist and rain.

A windy road north along Loch Lomond then south along the Irish Sea to Campbelltown and to Springbank Distillery. They have lost many of their other local distilleries but have just managed to keep three so they can be recognised as a distinct area. No good being bunched in with Highland Malt whiskys when you are on the sea.

Poor road and rail access has directed the downturn of this area. Springbank has chosen to remain original and hand made. The most handmade in the world! They do their own barley malting and smoking with peat. Almost no mechanisation of the process and no added caramel colouring.

Thursday morning we get an early ferry to Islay. You can see it across the water.

2 thoughts on “Stirling to Campbelltown

  1. It looks amazing… I’m sure your appreciating the time with Patrick.. we are in a heat wave here..
    Looks slightly different weather over there😊


    1. Yes, Patrick has made it all happen. I’d still be looking at the map but he knew where we needed to go for whiskies.
      I feel a bit like we are in a fridge here. Getting used to it except when the wind blows an eye watering, bone chilling breeze.
      Very pretty country in a bleak way.
      Hope you are not melting in your heatwave. Xx


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