Malt Whisky Trail – Elgin to Stirling Castle

Monday 18th

Blue sky again. Sun streamed in onto the breakfast table.

Enjoyed haggis and black pudding with a big Scottish breakfast.

10 minutes drive to the local marina. Wind is icy. Two men are aboard.

Ready for the Malt Whisky trail.

The local one at Elgin is Glen Moray. Charming old place and tempting whiskys.

Tour and tasting for just the two of us. Really liked their Peat PX Single Malt but £80

Tried to visit Aberlour ; a note on the window advising one of a staff training day today. Makes 12,000 miles seem insignificant!

Went to Macallan distillery in its spectacular new building with earth covered domes to reflect the nearby hills.

Nice scotch but the marketing and image exceeded the scotch.

Interesting how the shape of the distiller changes the flavour. The shorter pot still gives more oiliness and deeper flavours.

Snow dusted the nearby hills.

Tuesday 19/2

Today we went to Stirling castle which was really interesting.

I wonder why some of the stones are built to jut out like a ladder? Some flat walls also had stones laid prominently in a random pattern.

We also went to a battle site nearby to see a 3D simulation of the Bannockburn battle and then played the battle of Bannockburn commanding the soldiers our way. This time the English won!

Patricks birthday, so another excuse for a pint or two.

We sniff out the Golden Lion just below the castle. Their Cronies restaurant had an interesting dinner menu. We chose black pudding with pork belly followed by venison steak with honey roasted root vegetables. Delicious.

By now we had nearly forgotten about an unfortunate meeting with a local cop. Fortunately he gave us a warning re brake lights not working. Good to know that thank you but we don’t have the right wee screw driver.

Bed at a nearby BnB.

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