Tasmania & UK

The next few chapters will be from the top and the bottom of the globe.

Werner is embarking on a sailing voyage with Halcyon2 tomorrow. The Wooden boat show in Hobart and his nephews wedding in Bendigo are the features.

I am flying to London mid February to house sit. My son Patrick is already relief teaching in Leicester and has bought us a car. Soon after we house sit together.

Late February we are invited to a community dinner that the locals have monthly. This will be with the owners of my first house sit. It is in Otley north of Leeds in a 17 century manor house with geriatric pets. Even the dog is too old to come walking with us. It looks like beautiful country. It’s hard to believe that in the same era of building that home they were hanging people they deemed as witches!

In April I move to Sancreed near Penzance. I guess Patrick will be back to Frankston by this time. This will be my home until November. I have a separate cottage (photo below) to enjoy while the owners come and go. My furry family will be fun and I am already enjoying pen friendship with the home owners.

It would be nice to have visitors if you can find your way to Cornwall.

2 thoughts on “Tasmania & UK

  1. Non voyage Werner enjoy your trip…. lots of adventures to be had.. sounds exciting Liz … all the excitement ahead ..xxx


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