Halcyon2 team depart REDLAND Bay

Sunday 18/11

Too late for any last minute things. We are on our way!

Red Ensign flag is flying and the boys are helming  Pizza served in the pilot house

A day motoring south to the Goldcoast seaway where we’ll top up with fuel and water and anchor the night to regroup. Route planning and recheck the predicted winds tonight.

PS. I forgot the museli bars 😫

4 thoughts on “Halcyon2 team depart REDLAND Bay

    1. Thanks Millie
      A good start then back to base for my seasickness inspite of taking Kwells Boys only a little nauseated.
      We plan to sail to Yamba then leave from there when following winds should arrive.
      Enjoy some Millie time. Xx


      1. Oh dear. Maybe you can get some Yamba prawns, not all turned out bad. While I’m enjoying my Millie time I’ll think about what you are going through. Hope the seas calm down.


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