Iluka to Goldcoast 7 & 8/5. Monday overnight

We depart Iluka just before high tide with 96nmile to go. A bit daunting but the forecast was tame.

Winds were kind and we sailed and motor sailed into the stormy sky.
About 2300 the winds came to play.
Gusts up to 30 knots with north easterly then easterly seas about 2 meters. It felt rough and I’m pleased it was too dark to see. Just keep going. We did rolling shifts of 1.5-2 hours and surprisingly that gave us each some rest.

The sweeping light from the Cape Byron lighthouse followed us for a long way. Good company I guess. Good to see something instead of a black world. Reliant on instruments.
About 0500 I see the glow of the Goldcoast! A big sigh.
On the lead light and white marker we turn in

We enter the GC Seaway Tower at 0815hrs. Well done skipper!

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