Port Macquarie to Coffs 1/5

We finally leave Tuncurry on 29/4 and motorsail to Port Macquarie. The breeze came up and we later sailed at 6 knots with just the Yankee head sail up. With better than forecast wind we arrive early at low tide to Port Macquarie entrance so ‘heave to’ practice. A storm whips up the sea but settles in time to enter along the lead light. Here it is a single light with red, white and green sectors. Needed to rev out of a couple of slight stern slips while crossing the bar.

We stay on D finger and a marine engineer inspected our perforation. He was confident we could proceed.

David joined Halcyon2 for thé next leg to Coffs Harbour.

We depart at first light and motorsailed initially with the spinnaker. The wind was later directly behind so we goose winged the sails. This was a pill day as the rocking challenged the tummy.

The breeze under performed so our entrance to Coffs was in the dark. No big deal as the red port light and big blue leads welcome one in.

David will be a year younger soon so he models his new pants. Happy birthday David!

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