Coffs Harbour 1/5 to 5/5

We enjoy time waiting for a nice southerly. One night anchored and then on a mooring.

Beautiful morning swims and some Vinnies shopping too that included 4 pairs of waterproof pants!
I mean sailing over pants not incontinence pants!!!

Lots of walking and cycling. We discovered the Coffs creek walkway that was a beautiful secluded path that led to the main shopping area via the Botanic gardens and graveyard.

Werner and I celebrate our 4th anniversary with a superb meal at Taste of North India on the jetty strip, followed by the best musical in town. It was held in the renovated theatre. Seussical is a take on the Dr Seuss children’s books. So much fun!

Thé 11 pièce orchestre accompany the musical while the conductor keeps both the singers and musicians in time.

The ride home to Halcyon2 was in the dark so I’m sure no one noticed how high my skirt was hitched up!

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