Tuncurry and Forster forever??? 24/4 to 29/4

We have been moored outside the fish coop since Tuesday. A day of rain and lots of rainbows.

Overnight we notice the bilge pump working so thought that was worth investigating…

Oh dear! A trickle from the drive shaft aluminium pipe in Halcyon’s rectum. After cleaning it up it is now a fine spray. Mmmm. It’s hard to reach and on a pipe that is mostly welded to the hull. Lucky the hole is adjacent to where the whole circumference of the pipe is accessible so the rubber splint is able to be attached with hose clamps.

No local expertise is available and Port Macquarie slip is booked out till December.

Werner has installed another bilge pump and serviced the others.

Days have passed and no leaks so we plan to sail on Sunday.

Did I say it’s a nice place? I had a cycle up over the bridge and along the water to the Stockton shops and today around Tuncurry. Nice dozy place.

We shared our patch with penguins. As the tide floods in they lost their exposed sandbar, so I sat waiting for them to take flight.

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