Heading north 14/4/18

We drop our homely mooring in Balmain on Saturday. A few battery dramas sorted and we head north.

First stop was going to be Hardy’s Bay with plans to visit Martin and Yvonne, but the 42knot wind convinced us to wait and shelter in Mackeral Bay.

Early Sunday we move across to Hardy’s bay and have a lovely day with our friends. Werner buys a 60 year old Singer machine at the markets.

Monday we meet David and join other friends at The Basin and enjoy a swim in the lagoon. Later we raft up with Eldon111 in Refuge Bay and a merry night ends with cask wine!

On y va to Newcastle. One night at Honeysuckle Wharf that is no longer cheap and cheerful.

We are among the big boys that have tugs to help them.

Next day at the marina we have a day of washing and cycling the riverbank.
The showers are memorable; I was able to descale my teeth by lining up one of the water saver jets! One had a good shower once accustomed.

We anchor a couple of days down the Hunter river near a long bridge and the oil refinery.

Southerly winds have arrived as promised so we plan to sail to Port Stevens tomorrow.

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